This comprehensive Commentary on the Statute of the International Court of Justice, now in its 3rd edition, was celebrated with a panel debate on 18 November at the Residence of the German Ambassador in the Hague, Netherlands.

With significant Glasgow input, featuring Centre Director, Professor Christian Tams as co-editor, Dr James Devaney as contributor and Eleni Methymaki (formerly Glasgow, now Oxford) as assistant editor, this landmark publication brings together a team of renowned commentators and offers authoritative guidance on the law and practice of the International Court of Justice (ICJ).

The launch of the Commentary, organised in collaboration with German Embassy at the Hague and University of Potsdam, brought together H.E. Judge Joan Donoghue (ICJ), Professor Andre Nollkaemper (Dean, Amsterdam Law School) and Professor Andreas Zimmermann (University of Potsdam), co-editor of the Commentary with Professor Tams, to discuss the future challenges for the International Court of Justice.

Professor Tams offered general conclusions and the event was well attended by judges of the ICJ, diplomats and academics, including Dr Devaney.

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