This is an innovative programme that focuses on the role and relevance of international law in a rapidly changing global security environment. It reflects the breadth of contemporary international security issues, addressing issues as diverse as terrorism, armed conflicts, forced displacement and transnational organised crime. The programme promotes holistic solutions based on the understanding that global security and human rights protection are complementary, not mutually exclusive. If you want to increase your horizons to an international platform, look beyond domestic legal orders and learn about global security issues, this LLM is ideal for you. There is a high demand for law professionals with expertise in international law and security. Graduates will be well placed for roles in international institutions, government departments (ministries of foreign affairs, defence, justice, home affairs, and development), non-governmental organisations and law firms.

For more information on the LLM in International Law and Security, please visit the programme’s page on the University of Glasgow website.

Image: BBC Scotland Building, Tom Parnell, Flickr