Our work in this area encompasses doctrinal legal and interdisciplinary approaches to international and transnational criminal law. In particular, our staff members work on international criminal courts and tribunals, the role of domestic courts in addressing international crimes, international tribunal backlash, and the pursuit of (criminal) justice in transitions from conflict to peace.

Highlights from our work in this area:

Prosecutorial Discretion at the International Criminal Court (Forthcoming)

This forthcoming monograph by Dr Anni Pues provides a comprehensive analysis of discretionary decision-making processes at the International Criminal Court at all stages of the proceedings. It argues that the Prosecutor can contribute to turning the Court into a more responsive institution through a more principled exercise of discretion, striking a balance between the preservation of its independence and open interaction with its stakeholders.


Publisher: Hart Publishing

Expected publication date: 2020

Evolving Justice Arrangements post-Brexit

Dr Anni Pues is co-investigator of a research project on ‘Evolving Justice Arrangements Post-Brexit’, which is funded by the Joint Committee of the Northern Ireland Human Rights Commission and the Irish Human Rights and Equality Commission. The project explores the ideal routes to a cooperative justice space between the UK and the European Union that fully respects human rights and equality. It examines the current cooperative justice arrangements, including for example the European Arrest Warrant, prisoner repatriation, policing, data sharing and securing of electronic evidence to inform a future security treaty between the UK and the EU.


Research Report on Justice Co-operation post Brexit

International Tribunal Backlash

Our staff member Dr Henry Lovat’s research project as Lord Kelvin Adam Smith Fellow focuses on international tribunal backlash, seeking to better define and understand political reactions against international courts and the drivers of such backlash in different institutional and political contexts. Furthermore, the work seeks to identify and assess measures available to international and domestic actors to address (and avoid) backlash. With a background in international law and international relations, Dr Lovat compares and contrasts tribunal backlash in different fields, including that against the International Criminal Court and the WTO Appellate Body.


Project Outputs:

Lovat, H. (2019) International criminal tribunal backlash. In: Heller, K. J.Ohlin, J.Nouwen, S.Megret, F. and Robinson, D. (eds.) The Oxford Handbook of International Criminal Law. Oxford University Press. (Forthcoming)