The Glasgow Centre for International Law and Security is a world-leading hub for cutting-edge research in international law and security. As a group of circa 30 Glasgow-based academics and doctoral researchers, we seek to contribute to a better understanding of major challenges facing the international legal community. In addition to our focus on the clarification of international law and the solution of practical legal challenges, our research encompasses theoretical, comparative, and historical perspectives. Drawing on recognised expertise in international law, we are regularly engaged in interdisciplinary research, notably within the Glasgow Human Rights Network, the Glasgow Refugee, Asylum and Migration Network, and the Global Security Network. Our research centres around ten specialist areas, covering a broad range of topics relating to issues of international law and security.

Specialist Areas

Armed conflicts, forced displacement and humanitarian assistance

Collective security, the use of force, and self-defence

Conflict prevention, peace-making and peacebuilding

Global and transnational security law

History and theory of international law

Human rights law

International and transnational criminal law

International courts and tribunals

International economic law

Investment arbitration and protection of foreign investment

New technologies

The law of international development

Recent Projects

‘The Hope of Ages is in the Process of Realization’: Establishing a World Court, 1920-1922

11th September 2019

During 1920-1922, experts and diplomats established the Permanent Court of International Justice (PCIJ), located in The Hague. This was no mean feat: for centuries, activists and lawyers had argued th...