We are delighted to announce that our GCILS Director, Professor Christian Tams has been elected to the Board of ESIL in the recent September elections!

ESIL (European Society of International Law) is the most significant network of international law research in Europe. It is a dynamic network of researchers, scholars and practitioners in the field of international law. The Society’s goals are to encourage the study of international law, to foster inquiry, discussion and innovation in international law, and to promote a greater understanding of the role of international law in the world today.

The stated goals of the ESIL are to contribute to the rule of law in international relations and to promote the study of public international law. For these purposes its Articles of Association state that it will:

  • organise and support in-depth exchanges of ideas on matters of common interest to international lawyers in Europe and elsewhere;
  • encourage high-level scholarship and analysis;
  • provide a forum for European-wide discussions, and foster the involvement and representation of younger scholars;
  • promote a greater awareness and understanding of international law not only amongst lawyers but within the general public; and
  • foster a greater appreciation of the role of the European tradition and develop European perspectives in international law.

In the ESIL 2020 Board Election the following 7 candidates have been (re)elected to the ESIL Board.

The ESIL Board is a steering body of the Society. Our director, Prof Christian Tams, after being elected to the Board, said: “I am delighted to have been elected. Glasgow was a relevant part of my candidature and I have no doubt that it also received a significant boost from Glasgow’s successful bid to host one of the most relevant ESIL research events, the 2022 ESIL Research Forum (initially planned for 2021, now moved back to 2022 because of Covid)”.

We will keep you posted about the 2022 ESIL Research Forum on our website and via social media channels.

Congratulations, Professor Tams!