The ILC Articles at 20

GCILS Workig Paper 2021/11 (December 2021)

Federica Paddeu & Christian J. Tams (eds)

Behind Backlash: the ICC and “African Backlash” in Context

GCILS Workig Paper 2021/10 (October 2021)

SSRN ID 3951319

Henry Lovat & Shaina D. Western

Humanitarian Intervention

GCILS Workig Paper 2021/09 (February 2021)

Christian J. Tams

Proportionality as Procedure: Strengthening the Legitimate Authority of the UN Committee on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights

GCILS Workig Paper 2021/08 (February 2021)

Alain Zysset & Antoinette Scherz