Experiments Great and Small: Centenary Reflections on the League of Nations

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Christian J. Tams

What Happens Next? The Law of State Succession

GCILS Workig Paper 2020/06 (November 2020)

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James Gerard Devaney

UNCLOS and investor claims for deep seabed mining in the Area: an investment law of the sea?

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Alberto Pecoraro

On The Contribution of Investment Arbitration to Issues of Evidence and Procedure Before Other International Courts and Tribunals

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James Gerard Devaney

International Courts and Tribunals and Violent Conflict

GCILS Workig Paper 2020/03 (September 2020)

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Christian J. Tams

Human Rights, Poverty and Capitalism

GCILS Workig Paper 2020/02 (September 2020)

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Anna Chadwick

Global Constitutionalism and the International Criminal Court: A Relational View

GCILS Workig Paper 2020/01 (September 2020)

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Alain Zysset