Frankfurt Investment Law Workshop 2020: 
‘Investment Protection, Human Rights, and International Arbitration’ 


Held on 6 and 7 March 2020, this year’s Frankfurt Investment Law Workshop, co-hosted by GCILS’ Director, Prof Christian Tams, aimed to take stock of the interaction between international investment law and human rights. 

The fundamental question which has dominated the scholarly debate so far remains crucial: How do the two legal regimes relate to each other? Is investment law a threat to human rights, or can it perhaps even facilitate human rights compliance? 

At the workshop, participants engaged with these general questions, but also pursue more specific inquiries, such as the following: What is the relationship between investment protection, and the human rights to food and water? Do investment agreements take account of international workers’ rights? And how do human rights (if at all) affect the process of arbitral dispute resolution? 

The workshop was open to academics, practitioners and students of investment law and related disciplines. Attendance was free, but subject to registration. 

Program of this year’s workshop is available at: