GCILS Director, Professor Christian Tams will speak at the “Central Banks & International Law” Conference.

This two day Conference (5 and 6 June 2023) organized by Inland Norway University of Applied Sciences, Department of Private law and PluriCourts at the University of Oslo, Université Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne, Centre Universitaire de Norvège à Paris. It will seek to shed light on how international law shapes central bank policies and central banks shapes international law, including whether central banks are a clear and consistent concept under international law. It will discuss more traditional topics on central banks and sovereign immunity and topics of an increasing relevance such as sanctions against central banks. It will also explore how the expansive role of central banks is influenced by the availability of other viable crisis resolution measures in international law related to in particular the climate crisis and sovereignty debt crisis.

Professor Tams will speak on the first panel on 5 June, “Immunity and Central Banks”, and he will present on the topic of The general regime of the immunity of central bank”.

Also our Glasgow colleague, Dr Javier Solana will also speak at the Conference, on 6 June, presenting on “Climate obligations: central banks’ implementation of international climate obligations in monetary policy and financial stability decisions”.

For detailed programme and instructions on how to join and follow the Conference via Zoom, please visit the University of Sorbonne’s website.