Dr Anni Pues has published a timely report on ‘Evolving Justice Arrangements post Brexit’ with co-authors Dr Amanda Kramer and Dr Rachael Dickson. The report provides an analysis of existing justice and security cooperation between the UK and the EU, as well as the evolving justice arrangements post-Brexit, with a particular focus on human rights implications. At a time when the Westminster administration and the current Prime Minister steer towards a No-Deal Brexit scenario, this 98-page strong report adds to the voices of why a negotiated relationship is pivotal for the UK’s security and for human rights protection.

Commissioned by the Joint Committee of the Irish Human Rights and Equality Commission and the Northern Ireland Human Right Commission, the report has received significant media coverage, including in the Irish Times, and was endorsed by the chief constable of the Police Service of Northern Ireland.

For a blog post summarising the key findings of the report please click here.