On Wednesday 24 April, the Scottish Cabinet Secretary for Justice and Home Affairs announced the appointment of Dr Alain Zysset to the Risk Management Authority board.

The Risk Management Authority works to reduce the risk of serious harm posed by violent and sexual offending, ensuring that effective risk assessment and risk management practices are in place. Their work includes providing advice and recommendations to Scottish Ministers, developing research to promote effective practice, as well as setting standards and publishing guidelines for risk assessment and management.

As a member of the RMA Board, Alain will bring his knowledge in the foundations and implementation of human rights law across the domestic, European and international realms. Trained as a lawyer, philosopher and historian in Switzerland, the UK and Canada, Alain will bring his experience of working collaboratively across disciplines and strengthen the RMA’s expertise in delivering on its core mandates.

The Board meets bi-monthly and are responsible for setting the strategic direction of the RMA.

This appointment will be for four years and will run from 22 April 2024 to 21 April 2028. Read more here.