On 7-9 November, Dr Akbar Rasulov will participate in an International High-Level Conference, “Educating for the Rule of Law: Inspire. Change. Together.”, organised by the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) and its Education for Justice (E4J) initiative in Vienna. Having contributed to the work of the E4J initiative over the past few years, Dr Rasulov will engage in the development of educational tools to strengthen the rule of law worldwide and to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals.

The Education for Justice (E4J) initiative of UNODC

E4J is an innovative and comprehensive educational initiative, which aims at building the capacity of educators to equip students with a better understanding of, and ability to address, the issues that can undermine the rule of law. The initiative strives to achieve these objectives through the creation and dissemination of educational activities and materials that address crime prevention, criminal justice and other rule of law issues across the primary, secondary and tertiary education levels. Overall, the objective is to empower the next generation to become socially responsible global citizens. With a sound moral and ethical compass, they are better prepared to tackle the world’s challenges related to the rule of law. To achieve this, UNODC within the framework of its E4J initiative and together with its partners, has developed different tools and material for the primary, secondary and tertiary education levels. These tools aim to empower educators to promote the rule of law through teaching their students.

Acknowledging the important work done by academia and educators to support the international community in its efforts to achieve the SDGs, UNODC, within its E4J initiative, will host academics and educators from around the world at this inaugural high-level conference on “Educating for the Rule of Law: Inspire. Change. Together.”.