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Mohamad Janaby is a lecturer in international law with a particular interest in international humanitarian law, use of force, international criminal law and human rights law. As well as having research interests in such central, fundamental areas of international law, he also has particular interests in fields at the cutting-edge of international law, such as artificial intelligence, cyber operations and private military/security companies.
Mohamad was awarded his doctorate in International Law from the University of Aberdeen (2015). He also gained specialist qualifications in international law, including a Diploma in Rapid Expert Assistance and Co-operation Teams for Conflict Prevention, Crisis Management from International University Centre for Peace Missions- Helsinki Spaña and Escuela de Organización (Spain) 2015, and a Master’s degree in International Law from Iraq (2000).
His PhD, awarded by the University of Aberdeen, formed the basis of his second monograph, “The Legal Regime Applicable to Private Military and Security Company Personnel in Armed Conflicts”, published by Springer in 2016. His first monograph, “Humanitarian Intervention under International Law”, was published in Arabic in 2010. His paper “Implications of the reciprocal effect of the Relationship between climate change and armed conflict on the Rules of IHL”, was selected to be the second-best paper in the Fifth International Committee of the Red Cross Research Competition on \”Climate Change, Environment, and Armed Conflict.\”