Postgraduate researchers

Karyll Bennett-Robinson

International Investment Law and Natural Disasters

Ferhat Ercümen - PhD candidate

"Military Use of Foreign Exclusive Economic Zone and Continental Shelf"

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Ye Feng - PhD candidate

“Non-state actors role in cyberspace international law-making”

Rémi Fuhrmann - PhD candidate

"Civil war in international humanitarian law : between inclusion and exclusion"

Heloise Guichardaz - PhD candidate

“The UN's responsibility in the Haiti cholera crisis...”

Charles H. W. Mak - PhD candidate

"Sovereign Debt Regulation: Towards a Unified International Legal Regime?"

Onthatile Olerile Moeti - PhD candidate

“The Impact of the Modern Development Agenda on the Indigenous’ Peoples’ Rights in Botswana: The Case of the San”

Andreas Piperides - PhD candidate

“Countering Hegemony: A Marxist Approach to the Relationship Between International Humanitarian Law and International Human Rights Law”

Sören Sommer - PhD candidate

"German-French Armament Cooperation and Export Control in the context of the European Defence Policy"

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Susanne Stühlinger - PhD candidate

"Causation in International Climate Change Litigation"

Phakanadh Sutthent - PhD candidate

"Towards the Appropriate Use of Science in the WTO: The Case Study of Food Safety Regulation"

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Norhayati Raihan Binti Wahab - PhD candidate

"Reviewing the Role of Investor-State Dispute Settlement in Malaysia's International Investment Treaty"

Xi Wang - PhD candidate

“The Improvement of the ISDS System from the Perspective of Foreign Investment Transition Countries: Analysis Based on the China’s Implementation of the “The Belt and Road Initiative”

Ayse Yildiz - PhD candidate

“Externalization of Migration Control: International Legal Guarantees against the Erosion of Refugee Protection“