Postgraduate researchers

Alexandre Belle

"Public International Law and the protection of sovereign debt restructuration processes"

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Christopher M J Boyd

“(In)security and Superfluity: the Regulation of Work(ers) in the Contemporary Global Order"

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Hoon Cho

"Jurisdictional Evolution by the Courts and Tribunals under United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea"

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Ferhat Ercümen

"Military Use of Foreign Exclusive Economic Zone and Continental Shelf"

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Ye Feng

“Non-state actors role in cyberspace international law-making”

Pia Hüsch

“State Sovereignty in the Digital Era: Disruptive Cyber Operations and the Principles of Sovereignty and Non-Intervention”

Heloise Guichardaz

“The UN's responsibility in the Haiti cholera crisis...”

Jinyup Kim

"Protection Regime Building for the rights of indigenous peoples and local communities in Southeast Asia to biogenetic resources and associated traditional knowledge"

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Marie Lepelletier

“The consequences of advisory opinions of the ICJ”

Gail Lythgoe

"Examining the concept of “territory” in international law: assessing claims of ‘deterritorialisation'"

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Charles H. W. Mak

"Sovereign Debt Regulation: Towards a Unified International Legal Regime?"

G C McBain

"Peace Through Institutionalisation: The Forgotten Role of the League of Nations"

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Saskia Millmann

"Flexible Engagement’: The League of Nations and its Non-Members"

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Onthatile Olerile Moeti

“The Impact of the Modern Development Agenda on the Indigenous’ Peoples’ Rights in Botswana: The Case of the San”

Athene Richford

"Examining the Trade and Labour Gap in International Law: Neutralization of the Political in International Legal Regime Design"

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Jessica Schechinger

"Private (Armed) Security Actors in the Contemporary Fight against Maritime Piracy: Issues of International Responsibility"

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Sören Sommer

"German-French Armament Cooperation and Export Control in the context of the European Defence Policy"

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Phakanadh Sutthent

"Towards the Appropriate Use of Science in the WTO: The Case Study of Food Safety Regulation"

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Chin-Chia Tien

"Regulating IUU Fishing Through Flag States: Development of State Responsibility in the Context of the Law of the Sea"

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Konstantina Tsekeri

"The application of the best interest of the child principle in the refugee status determination process. The case of unaccompanied children claiming asylum in the UK and Greece."

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Xi Wang

“The Improvement of the ISDS System from the Perspective of Foreign Investment Transition Countries: Analysis Based on the China’s Implementation of the “The Belt and Road Initiative”

Joanna Wilson

“(L)AWS, Laws and The Ethics of Autonomy: Questioning the Morality of the ‘Killer Robot' "

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