The Beyond Compliance Consortium is a partnership between the University of York, the University of Glasgow, Utrecht University, and six humanitarian NGOs, Watchlist on Children and Armed Conflict, War Child UK, Diakonia International Humanitarian Law Centre, Center for Civilians in Conflict, Centre on Armed Groups and Fight for Humanity. 

The Consortium, led by the University of York, includes Dr Rebecca Sutton as Co-Investigator at the University of Glasgow, together with Dr Iona Cismas (University of York), Dr Katharine Fortin (Utrecht University), Dr Ezequiel Heffes (Watchlist on Children and Armed Conflict), and other partners. 

Funded with UK International Development from the UK government, the consortium is developing a three-year theoretical, empirical, and operational research programme “Building Evidence on Promoting Restraint by Armed Actors.”

The research centres local communities’ everyday lived experiences of armed conflict and aims to contribute to the effective prevention and reduction of humanitarian need and civilian harm, and the facilitation of a broader protective environment in war.

Dr Sutton said: “The urgent challenges that communities caught up in armed conflict are facing right now cannot be met by any single actor, nor by one body of law. This academic-practitioner collaboration will focus on the everyday lived experience of armed conflict, with the shared ambition of better understanding – and addressing – the drivers of humanitarian need and civilian harm in war”.

Visit the Consortium website for more information.