In this online webinar, academics, civil society and NGO actors, and community representatives discussed ‘Sembrando Vida’ – the new flagship programme for reforestation that is currently being operationalised in Chiapas, Mexico, and that has recently been promoted by the Mexican and US governments at COP26 in Glasgow as part of the solution to climate change. Speakers in the first panel located this programme against a broader background of state-led development initiatives . The second panel featured representatives from constituencies in Chiapas who will share their experiences with Sembrando Vida on the ground. Please join us for two hours of discuss and debate!

The webinar took place online via Zoom, and English and Spanish translations will be available.

• Panel 1: What is Sembrando Vida?

o Speakers: Peter Rosset (Ecosur); Rosa López (Ecosur) ; Omar Filipe Giraldo (UNAM) ; Chair: Julia McClure (UoG) / Emma Cardwell (NTU)

• Panel 2: Sembrando Vida, as seen by the organizations in their territories

o Speakers: Gabriela Linares Sosa, Unión de Organizaciones de la Sierra Juárez Oaxaca, S. C. (UNOSJO); Alvaro Salgado Ramírez, Centro Nacional de Misiones Indígenas (CENAMI) y Pastoral Indígena (EAPPI); Nora Salomé Tzec Caamal, Ka Kuxtal Much Meyaj; Aldo González Rojas, Unión de Organizaciones de la Sierra Juárez Oaxaca, S. C. (UNOSJO) La Via Campesina, Mexico.

If you weren’t able to join us on 25 November, please watch the recordings below, in both languages.

In English:

In Spanish: