The regulation of intelligence activities under international law

Dr Sophie Duroy


We are delighted to invite you to a book presentation event with Dr Sophie Duroy (Lecturer, University of Essex), who will present her book titled “The Regulation of Intelligence Activities under International Law”.

Location: Room 207, 10 Professors’ Square

Time: 3pm, Thursday 21st March 2024

Registration: In-person attendance only. To attend, please register via Bookitbee.

Tea and coffee will be provided. 


Presenting a thorough examination of intelligence activities in international law, Sophie Duroy provides theoretical and empirical justifications to support the cutting-edge claim that states’ compliance with international law in intelligence matters serves their national security interests. This book theorises the regulation of intelligence activities under international law, identifying three layers of regulation: a clear legal framework governing intelligence activities (legality); a capacity to enforce state responsibility (accountability); and the integration of legality and accountability into responsive regulation by the international legal order (compliance).


Dr Sophie Duroy is a Lecturer in Law at the University of Essex. Her current research focuses on the mutual influence of international law and intelligence practice on one another. Her research interests span public international law, international human rights law, intelligence and security studies, and social science approaches to international law.

Prior to her appointment at Essex, Sophie held a postdoctoral fellowship at the KFG Berlin-Potsdam research group ‘The International Rule of Law: Rise or Decline?’ (2021-2023) and was a PhD researcher at the European University Institute (2017-2020). She has also worked as an analyst and project manager in the field of counterterrorism (2015-2017) and taught French constitutional law at Sciences Po Paris (2019 and 2020).


Feature Image: via flickr, CC BY-SA 2.0 DEED