At the second session of our ReVisions International Law Series, Emily Jones, Lecturer in Law at University of Essex was telling us about ‘Contemporary and Emerging Military Technologies: A Posthuman Feminist Analysis’. The topic proven extremely interesting and provoked a vivid discussion. 

Dr  Emily Jones is a feminist international legal theorist working from a critical posthuman perspective. Her current work focuses on: military technologies including autonomous weapons systems and human enhancement technologies; feminist and queer methodologies; gender and conflict; imperialism, wealth and international law; the granting of legal personality to the environment; and the interplay between property, science and technology and the law.

Thursday, 6 February, in the Cosgrove Room, Stair Building, No 8 the Square, at 12:00.

The seminar series operates on the “brown-bag-lunch” policy, so please feel free to bring your own lunch.

All welcome!