University of Glasgow, Wolfson Medical School – Room 248 (Seminar Room 3 – Gannochy)

Thursday 12 May 2022

Luis Eslava (Kent Law School)

This master class, especially beneficial for and aimed at our PGT/PGR students and early career researchers, will introduce participants to the critical potential of ethnography in the study of the present global (dis)order and its relation to law. Attending closely to the painstaking processes through which the present has come to be constituted, and to the defining features of ethnographic thinking about law, participants will be invited to provincialise what we conceive as international and globalise what we have learnt to be local.

The master class will be divided into three sessions that will combine interactive lectures, in-class exercises, discussions based on selected ethnographic films, and hands-on fieldwork experience. The allocated readings must be prepared in advance.

The programme of this masterclass can be found here.

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Above image courtesy, Andrés Pascual. Andrés Pascual is a self-taught Barcelona-based visual artist. Andrés grew up playing with images from encyclopedias, dictionaries, magazines, city maps and photographs among the buildings in the neighborhood of Barceloneta. Today he delves right into the personality of these and other images, reusing them in a fresh, raw way and reproducing them using a variety of different mediums including acrylic on canvas and collage on paper. His works carry a unique energy, keeping one eye always on the extra-, intra- and infra-planetary. Andrés leaves it up to the viewer to decide how real or fictional the realities he documents might be. He understands himself simply as a decoder of information we already have; as an emissary of the next contact.