GCILS Webinars: “Strategic Human Rights Litigation – Understanding and Maximising Impact” – Helen Duffy in conversation with Anni Pues

Professor Helen Duffy, professor of human rights and humanitarian law at Leiden University and an Honorary Professor at the University of Glasgow,  runs ‘Human Rights in Practice,’ an international legal practice specializing in strategic human rights litigation and advice. 

Her legal practice addresses a broad range of human rights issues – including CIA rendition and torture, counter-terrorism, judicial independence, slavery/trafficking, equality and genocide – across regional and international human rights courts and bodies.

Helen is a graduate of the University of Glasgow (LLB Hons), where she is an Honorary Professor at the School of Law, and also a graduate of University College London (LLM) and Leiden (PHD). 


Strategic Human Rights Litigation: Understanding and Maximising Impact

Strategic human rights litigation (SHRL) is a growing area of international practice yet one that remains relatively under-explored. Around the globe, advocates increasingly resort to national, regional and international courts and bodies ‘strategically’ to protect and advance human rights. In her book, Helen Duffy provides a framework for understanding SHRL and its contribution to various forms of personal, legal, social, political and cultural change, as well as the many tensions and challenges it gives rise to. It suggests a reframing of how we view the impact of SHRL in its multiple dimensions, both positive and negative. Five detailed case studies, drawn predominantly from the author’s own experience, explore litigation in a broad range of contexts (genocide in Guatemala; slavery in Niger; forced disappearance in Argentina; torture and detention in the ‘war on terror’; and Palestinian land rights) to reveal the complexity of the role of SHRL in the real world. Ultimately, this book considers how impact analysis might influence the development of more effective litigation strategies in the future.

Join us on Wednesday 24 February 2021 at 3.00pm via Zoom at our next GCILS Webinar! 
Dr Anni Pues
 will talk to Helen about her research for the book, the inspirations and real-life examples from her practice, and much more.


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